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Hey! I’m Adedeji Damilare Samuel, a “early twenty” year old guy from Ibadan, Oyo State, Nigeria. I’m a freelance writer, affiliate marketer, information marketer and a professional blogger.

I make a living with my laptop and can work from anywhere I found myself (as long as there are power supply and reliable internet connection). I’ve gained much experience in online business. And at the moment, I have a number of online businesses under my belt. I make most of my income online. Lols, I’m currently a Civil Engineering student at Osun State College of Technology (OSCOTECH)

My Passion for entrepreneurship led to the founding of IamDamilare.com, a platform where I expose business opportunities, motivate fellow readers and most especially, unleash wisdom only known to the few in the society.

My Quote “Your FAILURE start from the day you end trying, Trying and Learning should be an Infinity Basis in Life”

Nobody is Above Learning, every day you and I learn new things, and we must put it into consideration before use. Entrepreneurship is the Only key to success. It’s Better for you now to think on your own way of making money online and stop reading the post on all people website.

Nobody Wants to hear your story when you are poor, but when you are rich they would like to know about your past. In other to make your own story, you don’t need to hear other people story because, People will not tell you their full story no matter your relationship with them. Just Find out what you love doing and develop more interest in it, research about it, and keep trying till you reach the peak


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Adedeji Damilare Samuel
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