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Bluehost Affiliate Program

The Complete BlueHost Affiliate Program Reviews for making $30,000/Month

Are you Looking for a high Earning Affiliate Marketing in 2019? Why don’t you read the BlueHost Affiliate Program Review below and start making $30,000 Monthly without stress? I will educate you by sharing my experience with Bluehost affiliate Program.

Do you Know that web hosting affiliate programs is the highest paying affiliate right now? But, the worst part of it is that it’s not easy at all to promote hosting affiliates because the trade is not a wide one.

BlueHost Affiliate Program is the best hosting affiliate Programs 2019. Earning Up to $75-$125 Per Sale.

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The BlueHost Affiliate Program in Details

The BlueHost Affiliate Program is a web hosting program. The Program is for bloggers or advertiser to promote offers for a stated commission. Generally, the main Purpose of BlueHost affiliate program is to make money. The review is for Selling hosting Packages, Likewise other web hosting affiliate review.

Another Advantage of Bluehost affiliate is that Bluehost affiliate cookie duration is 30days. The recommended Cookie Duration For Affiliate Marketing is 30 days.

Please note that BlueHost is One-time commission fee when referrals signed up through your affiliate link, you won’t earn a recurred commission.

Currently in 2019 BlueHost is the most Popular hosting companies in the world. Examples of web hosting affiliate program alternatives to BlueHost is Siteground affiliate, HostGator affiliate, Namcheapetc.

Apart from Bluehost is the most popular hosting websites in the world today. It’s also recommended by WordPress.

BlueHost Commission, How much do they pay?

Bluehost Company Pays Advertiser $65 per sale as a default commission or starting up commissions. After you start bringing in more sales they will increase the price to $75 to $125. The more your sales the higher they increase your commission.

I don’t know particularly when they increase the commission, but I’m very sure if you can make 8-12 sales in a month, your commission fee will be increased.

Below is a screenshot of my earnings in 2018. The result is made with my own paid traffic system to promote affiliate links. So enjoy my bluehost affiliate program reviews

My 2018 October Earnings Snapshot
My 2018 October Earnings Snapshot

BlueHost Affiliates Payment Methods

😌😌 I think before you start advertising for any affiliate program. First of all, you will need to check their payment methods first.

BlueHost Pays with PAYPAL. PayPal is also Mostly Acceptable World Wide Now. Nigerians and some other countries are not allowed to receive through PayPal.

I will soon be dropping an article on how to create a PayPal that receive in Nigeria and all other countries. But, stay glued to my website now by subscribing to my messanger and the push notification you will get notified about the updates

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How to join BlueHost Affiliate Programs to Review them

Do you want to receive a high commission fee from hosting affiliates, then join the Bluehost affiliate program, you will earn with $65 as a start-up fee, up to $125 Per Commission and you can make up to $30,000 Monthly

Bluehost Pays Advertisers $65 far better than Hostgator who pays $50 per commission. But I think Hostgator will not increase their commission fees Level by level, but they may increase it in different hosting plans

If you can publish an article on Bluehost affiliates program, and ranked your article to top 1-3, your PayPal balance will be smiling 😂😂.

Bluehost Affiliate Sign up
Bluehost Affiliate Sign up

Guide to Sign up to BlueHost Affiliate program

  1. Click on this link to SIGN UP to BlueHost affiliates program.
  2. Futhermore, you will be directed to Affiliate Sign up Form. It will look like the above screenshot. Just fill up the basic information like your username, password, email address, and PayPal Account information. Make sure you are choosing the username carefully, as your username will be there on the referral link. Then submit the form
  3. After submitting the form you will get the details in your mail. You can directly login to your BlueHost Affiliate dashboard and start exploring various options.

How to Promote BlueHost Affiliate Links

#1. Setting up an affiliate website or blog

Before you venture into any affiliate marketing platform, you will need to have a website or blog.

Without A website or blog, you will not be able to get free affiliate marketing traffic. Except, you are using paid traffic to promote affiliate links

To set up an affiliate website or blog for promoting affiliate marketing links, you will need a domain name and a hosting package.

Below are the steps in setting up an affiliate blog or website

BlueHost Step 1
BlueHost Step 1

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(1) Goto BLUEHOST website through this link BLUEHOST and click on Shared hosting

BlueHost Step 2
BlueHost Step 2

(2) Choose a web hosting package and click on select

BlueHost Step 3
BlueHost Step 3

(3) Register a new ”Domain name” or ”link your existing domian”

BlueHost Step 4
BlueHost Step 4

(4) Add account Details. Add your Preferred domian name. Select additional ”add-on” if needed. Click on Continue to proceed Futher

BlueHost Step 5
BlueHost Step 5

(5) Review your Hosting Package Details

BlueHost Step 6
BlueHost Step 6

(6) Enter your Payment Details. Agree to Terms and Conditions and Click On ”SUBMIT”

Now you are GOOD to Go.

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#2. Review

Write an error-free and plagiarism proof review on any hosting you are promoting. Always make the information you are providing are relevant, interesting and will add value to both the visitors and your subscribers

#3. Seasonal Promotion

Do you know about black-Friday and Cyber-Monday offer on hosting package like BlueHost? You can use that seasonal Promotion to attract visitors and gain their attention. Just Share Vigorously during seasonal Promotion.

#4. Discount and Coupons

Target Discount and Coupons released by BlueHost by subscribing to their email list or even setting up a Google Alert to never miss an update. Then you can write a detailed post on the offer on your site, to entice visitors and gain subscribers attention. You can also share it to social media and see how your commission will dramatically increase.

#5. Compare Hosting Packages

This method of promoting hosting affiliate is the best. Its done by creating a website/blog mainly meant for comparing of hosting packages offers and general features of many hosting companies. You will just need to join as many as possible hosting affiliates to make huge amount of money

#6. Paid Advetisement

You will need to be an expert before using paid advertisement networks like Facebook Ads, Bing Ads, Google Ads, e.t.c. I sometimes use Facebook Ads For Advertising Affiliate Links, although it involves great risk and it may lead to banning of your website if you are not an expert

Many affiliates marketers are making hundreds of thousand dollars by promoting their affiliate links via Paid Advertisement.

Promotion using Google Ads is very effective although relatively expensive. But, you will be targeting the right audience and your hustle may pay up

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Important Notice

Paid Traffic doesn’t guarantee success. Its just guarantee targeted audience to your affiliates link and in no way guarantee leads. So, be wise and ready to enjoy both the profit and loss using paid advertising networks

Please, if you find the content Informative, Educative or Entertaining. Kindly Share it with your friends, so that they can also learn from this BlueHost Affiliate program Reviews and Make Money

BlueHost Affiliate program Reviews
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BlueHost Affiliate program Reviews
Are you Looking for a high Earning Affiliate Marketing in 2019, why don't you try BlueHost Affiliates and start making $30,000 Monthly without stress. I want to educate you by sharing my experience with BlueHost affiliate Program.
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