Get Free Domain for Blogger (.tk) at No Cost

Get Free Domain For Blogger -

Get Free Domain For Blogger –

Do you want to build a website and you cannot afford to buy a (.com) domain? And you want to Get Free Domain For Blogger?

Then you are on the right post. I will teach you how you can Get Free Domain For Blogger.

Before you can use the free domain let me tell you more about this domain

Advantages and Disadvantages of the Free Domain

  • (.tk .ml .ga Domain) Doesnโ€™t rank very well in google search engine. Although some website with this domain ranked up, the question is, can you make the website SEO Friendly?
  • .com /.net /.org and other top-level domain look professionally and trustable than low-level Domain website, but you donโ€™t have to panic. Free Domain also have some Authorities
  • This Domain is not recommended for brands, for example, you cannot expect a popular brand having this kind of Domain
  • Starting up this free domain is the best out of blogging. You need to become professional and the setup a standard website using a top-level Domain like .com,, .net, .org etc.

Steps of getting Free Domain for blogger

STEP 1: Register your Domain name with Freenom.

Freenom is the main provider of this free Domain Provider of .tk .cf and so on. Click on this Freenom link , to register your Domain name with them. Once the Domain is available, scroll down to where you see Checkout to proceed to the next step.

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STEP 2: Verify your Email with Freenom

Freenom -
Freenom –

After proceeding, you will need to input a valid email address for verification. Freenom will send you a verification link to your email address. Go to your email address and click on the link to verify your freenom account.

STEP 3: Select the Duration of your Domain and Complete the Order.

Freenom -
Freenom –

After verifiying your Email Address, you will need to select the duration of the registration. I will advise you to select 12 month @ Free as the screenshot above. Then complete Order as Below

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STEP 4: Complete your Order

Complete Freenom Order -
Complete Freenom Order –

After selecting 12 Month @Free, Click on complete Order. Then you have successfully registered your new Domain with Freenom, then you can go to the client area to view your Dashboard.

How to link your Free Domain to Blogger.

Please you will need to follow the steps carefully to avoid lateness in updating your new Domain.


Domain To Blogger -
Domain To Blogger –

Login to your Blogger Dashboard, click on settings, select basic and finally you will see a โ€œset up a 3rd Party Url for your blogโ€. Click on the Setup a 3rd Party Url for your blog


You will have to input your Freenom Domain you just got now in form of and click save. Then you must receive a particular error due to the verification of the new domain is not yet verified.

This error message credentials are necessary; they are the CNAMES you need to input on Freenom Domain Account.

Domain to Blogger -
Domain to Blogger –

The necessary particulars are boxed above the screenshots.


Domain to Blogger -
Domain to Blogger –

Navigate back to your Freenom account and click on my Domains. Then Click on Manage Domain. You will see โ€œManage Freenom DNSโ€. Click on that โ€Manage Freenom Domainโ€ and set the Configuration

Lols, Iโ€™m still here, let set the configuration.

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Setting the Configuration

STEP 1: As screenshot below, Insert the four particulars google gives you below the records and click save changes. Make sure TTL is 14440

Domain to Blogger -
Domain to Blogger –

These are the particular formats

  1. www
  2. w2eo327id

STEP 2: Now, click on More Records and set the following

  1. The Type is set to A
  2. TTL Should be 300 (Not 1440)
  3. Paste below Google IPS. Do them one after the other by clicking on more Records as screenshotted above.

And save all of them.

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After Clicking on save, wait for 3 minutes and go back to click on save on your Blogspot dashboard. Then you can now have Blogspot blog successfully link to your free Freenom Domain.

Donโ€™t forget to leave a comment if you donโ€™t get the steps.

Get Free Domain for Blogger (.tk) For Free
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Get Free Domain for Blogger (.tk) For Free
Do you want to build a website and you cannot afford to buy a (.com) domain? Then you are on the right post. I will teach you how to get a free (.tk Domain) to your Blogspot blog now.
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