Godaddy Affiliate Program in 2019, Make More Money.

Godaddy Affiliate Program –

I will teach you how you can join the Godaddy Affiliate Program.

You can start making $5000 with Godaddy Affiliate Program monthly. Don’t Forget that Affiliate Marketing is still the No 1 best ways of Making Money Online in the world for now. Why can’t you give Godaddy a try?

Godaddy Affiliate Program -
Godaddy Affiliate Program –

Who is Godaddy?

Since 1997- till now. Godaddy is the most reputable and respectable all-time leading online shared hosting sellers. But, they Don’t deal with hosting alone. Godaddy also offers

  • Domain Registration
  • Web hosting (WordPress Hosting)
  • Who is Guard
  • SSL Certificate Issuer
  • Domain resellers and lots more

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How can you join Godaddy Affiliate Program?

You can join the Godaddy Affiliate Program by applying for an affiliate member in Commission Junction. Godaddy is a big company that offers Professional services.

What is commission Junction?

Commission Junction is an affiliate platform that connects buyers and sellers together. In another way round, they serve as an intermediary between Publishers and Advertisers.

Commission Junction is one of the most reputable affiliate companies you need to join. Please don’t forget that there are still lots of offers for you to promote using Commission Junction.

Who can join Commission Junction?

To make it short, only professionals can join commission junction and all other CPA Platforms. How to become professionals and join these affiliate marketing platforms?

You will need to have a standard website and have a little experience about promoting links to get sales.

Most CPA affiliates platforms want professionals to promote their links because they don’t want to disappoint their publishers.

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Blog Niche that can join Godaddy Affiliate Program?

All blog niche can join Godaddy Affiliate Programs but they won’t make so much money as some niche related to Domain, hosting, SSL etc. Examples of niches that will likely to make more money with Godaddy Affiliate Program

  • Hosting Comparing Niches
  • Domain Authority Building Niche
  • SSL based Niche
  • Make Money Online Niche
  • Website Design Niche
  • Blogging Niche {Make money than others}

How to setup a Commission Junction Account

Before Joining Commission Junction. First make sure your website looks professional. And at least, with 10 posts. It should be about 2-5 month Old. Make it Live and Get little traffic first.

Just Don’t build a website and head on to join Commission junction, you are just wasting your time.

Follow these steps to join Commission junction

STEP 1: Visit the Commission Junction platform and signup as seen in the screenshot below.

Commission Junction Email Confirmation -
Commission Junction Email Confirmation –

Enter your details correctly and verify your email by clicking on link that they sent to you.

STEP 2: Make sure you enter your valid email address because you will need to verify the email address

STEP 3: You will need to set-up how you can receive payments from the platform. Commission Junction on Godaddy Affiliate Program will allow you to withdraw your earnings only at $100 via PayPal or Payoneer.

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Getting Paid from Commission junction

After setting up your account on Commission Junction, you will need to add your payment Details like PayPal or Payoneer.

Before you can be eligible to receive payments on commission junction you will need to edit your tax information, which can be done by clicking the administrative setting under the setting tab.

For Non-US residents

CJ Withdrawing Funds -
CJ Withdrawing Funds –

Click on Certification of No-United States Activities. You will be prompted to the password. After that filling, your payee name and signature hit the submit form. Now you can edit your Payment Details.

Applying for Godaddy Affiliate

CJ Affiliate Dashboard -
CJ Affiliate Dashboard –

After Completing the above steps, then you will need to apply for Godaddy Affiliate Program from your commission junction Dashboard.

Click on the Advertiser and search for Godaddy by imputing the keywords and hit search button. From the search results, check out for Godaddy and Click on the Plus button to apply for it.

It takes commission junction 1-4 days to approve the request.

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Get Approved within 24 hours for Godaddy for Godaddy Affiliate

After Applying for Godaddy affiliate program. To get approved fast, you will need to mail the affiliate program contacts, stating the ways of promoting your affiliate links like website, Email , etc.

The affiliate advertiser may reply you within 24hours and you can get access to the affiliate links and banners. All advertiser email is under the details of their Advertising program

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Godaddy Affiliate Program in 2019
You can start making $5000 with Godaddy Affiliate Program monthly. Don’t Forget that Affiliate Marketing is still the No 1 best ways of Making Money Online in the world for now. Why can’t you give Godaddy a try?
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