How to Find High CPC Keywords in 2019

High CPC Keywords 2019 -

High CPC Keywords 2019 –

Today I will teach you how to Find high CPC keywords using Long Tail Pro Tool and Kw Finder Tool.

What is Long Tail Pro?

Long Tail Pro is a tool which provide you all necessary information for any particular keyoword. Its necessary for getting High CPC keywords

It is a tool which makes help you in find your competitors, analyzed keywords to be able to rank them in search engines like google, bing etc.

Why are you not getting enough Adsense earning?

The main truth about this is that most blogger doesn’t rely on high CPC keywords; they only want keywords that they can easily rank on google.

I Don’t think anybody readings this doesn’t know about SEO, but if you don’t know anything about SEO you can still catchup with this post.

Find a low competition keywords first

I searched for a keyword social media marketing Miami using long tail pro and see the screenshot below.

High CPC Keywords -
High CPC Keywords –

Can you see the competition analysis for this keyword? The Average keyword competition competitiveness is just 22. But, don’t jump up yet. First, find the cpc amount for this keyword. This is the most important thing of getting high cpc keywords

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Let us find the CPC rate of this particular keyword?

If you want to find the CPC rate of a particular keyword. Just go to 

KwFinder Tool
High CPC Keywords – KwFinder Tool

This CPC rate is $7.21. That means the keyword is a winning keyword, it has low competition and has high cpc rate. Then you can try to find a way of outranking the top 10 in the Google search engine.

How to outrank and get your post to top 1-10 off Google search Engine?

Using Longtail Pro. Once you input the keyword on SERP Analysis, you will be given some analysis you will need to put into consideration.

  • Monthly Search Volume
  • Average Keyword Competiveness
  • SERP Analysis
  • Top 10 Google Organic Search Result
  • Domain CF
  • Backlinks

Monthly Search Volume

Monthly Search Volume -

High CPC Keywords – Monthly Search Volume –

This show the volume a particular keyword is searched on google. The higher the monthly search volume, the more difficult the keywords in ranking but you need to stay focused and write confusing content that will make your blog stand out to Outrank other website on search engine. Target 50-500 for a Domain Authority of (0-10) and 500+ for a for a Domain Authority of (20+) and you will rank easily.

Average Keyword Competitiveness

Average Keyword Competitiveness -
Average Keyword Competitiveness –

This show how competitive a particular keyword is. The higher the score the more difficult in ranking for the keywords, target keyword competitiveness 0-35 to rank 1-10 easily

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SERP Analysis


High CPC Keywords – SERP Analysis –

This shows you a google results breakdown. The organic results, feature snippets, local search Ads, and knowledge graph.

Top 10 Google Organic Search Result

Top 10 Google Organic Search Result -
Top 10 Google Organic Search Result –

This shows the Top 10 Google Organic Search Result. You will need to check the KC of the top10 whether you can easily rank them.

Domain CF

Domian CF -
Domian CF –

This show the Domain Citation flow for a particular website. If you see the Domain CF above 60 Don’t waste your time for that keyword.


This shows the effective links, linking to a particular website. You can outrank a website with low backlinks, just make sure you have few social signals. But, I will recommend you to hustle for backlinks first, because it will not only rank you up in search results but increase your Domain Authority which will help you for further rankings.

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Outranking tips?

  • Check the Average Keyword Competitiveness? Is 22% Excellent
  • Check the Advertisement? Is 9% Still Good
  • Check the KC of the top10 results? Add up all Domain KC and Divide them by 10 to find the average. The Average KC must be 10-39 To rank top 1
  • Check the Domain CF of the Top 10result. Add up all their Domain KC and Divide then by 10 to find the average. The average CF must be 10-39 to rank top 1.
  • Backlinks. This is very crucial, but you don’t need to worry a lot about this. Just start building your backlinks little by little. Get Backlinks From high Domain Authority and make sure you are on the same niche.

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High CPC Keywords to Boost Your Adsense Earnings
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High CPC Keywords to Boost Your Adsense Earnings
Today I will teach you how to find high CPC Keywords to Boost your Google Adsense Earnings. I will be using a tool called Long Tail Pro keyword Researched Tool to Teach you the ways of Finding high cost per Click keyword and make more money on Adsense.
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